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Versace’s Holiday saga: Sarah Baker’s glam-azing project

sarah baker perfumes versace's holiday saga: sarah baker's glam-azing project, the perfume society

Hello everyone, Ariel back here to let you know how we're getting on at Sarah Baker's studio. It's all systems go here as we get ready for the Christmas season with our new travel viles as well as.... Sarah's "glam-azing" project with Versace! What a way for us to end the year.

This morning Sarah was on her way to fitting at Versace for the project launch coming up soon. She asked me to take a look at a blog post recently posted by The Perfume Society. I was very excited to give it a read, and couldn't help but wonder if she was jealous of me staying here in the cold studio and writing this article...

sarah baker perfumes 'sarah baker baroness versace'

The article which can be read HERE shares some really kind

words on Sarah's new project in collaboration with Versace

and Baronness Magazine. The article explores her artwork,

and perfume company in relation to this project.

"Dripping with decadence, every aspect of the project

exudes the kind of soft-focus glamour Baker’s artistic

endeavours are known for – from the fashion and art

magazine, a six-part Jackie Collins-esque romantic saga

through to the drop-dead gorgeous photography."

Thank you so much to Suzy Nightingale for writing such a lovely post!

Once again you can read the full article HERE. And you can see the trailer for the Holiday Saga below.

With all my love,

Ariel from Sarah Bakers Studio


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