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The Sniff Reviews Lace

sarah baker perfumes 'lace' by perfumer sarah mccartney review by The Sniff

Oh my, we need to get a few of these marvelous writers on Team Sarah Baker writing web content. (Shhh…I might be out of a job if this keeps up.)

Just look at this gorgeous description of Sarah Baker’s Lace by Sarah McCartney from The Sniff (2 July 2020):

A transparent weaving together of notes which works wonders at conjuring cobwebby cloth but has guts to back up all the frippery.
When you see a fragrance called “Lace” it would be easy to imagine that out of the bottle will spring a genie of fluffy, insubstantial femininity. You might imagine that this will slink about insipidly, like the most banal of market stall knock-offs, before disappearing into the ether leaving just the faintest whiff of disappointment behind. If that is what you think when you approach Lace by Sarah Baker then you are in for a really pleasant surprise because the lace here has guts and is more likely to refer to a lacy garter that carries a pistol snug against thigh than it is to refer to some garment of titillation.

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Thank you, Sniffer!

With all my love,

Ariel from Team Sarah Baker


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