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The Sniff Reviews Loudo

sarah baker perfumes 'loudo' by perfumer chris maurice reviewed by the sniff,  nicola thomis

Nicola Thomis is one of the most thoughtful perfume reviewers out there, best known for the reviews she publishes in written form or as podcasts on her website The Sniff.

So, we were delighted when she turned her attention to our new extrait Loudo and doubly so when her review cut straight through to the essence of what we were trying to achieve with this juice. And, no, we’re not just saying that because she liked it, though obviously that only added to our already abundant delight.

"The beauty is in the balance, and Loudo manages to both achieve that, and add a few surprises along the way."

There were specific things that we were very pleased to see that she picked up on in her review, things that we worked hard to achieve with this fragrance, but not necessarily that obvious to anyone sampling Chris Maurice’s singular approach to working with oud in new ways. And, of course, she also detected some of the painterly ideas that are natural sources of inspiration to us as an artist-run brand.

"...the scent develops a smooth rhythm of sour, sweet, woody, sharp, smoky. It allows the multifarious elements of oud to shine without pushing it too far in any one direction."

But, we aren’t going to go into the full details: Nicola’s polished words are a joy to read and you really should experience them for yourselves, which you can do here.

Thank you so much, Nicola; for thinking of us again and for your kind words about our latest extrait de parfum.


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