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The Sniff reviews Gold Spot

sarah baker perfumes, the sniff reviews 'gold spot' by perfumer chris maurice, review by Nicola Thomis

Nicola Thomis is one of the most thoughtful perfume reviewers out there, best known for the reviews she publishes in written form or as podcasts on her website The Sniff.

So, we were delighted when she turned her attention to our new extrait Gold Spot and doubly so when her review cut straight through to the essence of what we were trying to achieve with this juice. And we’re so abundant delighted that she liked it.

"It conjures a sense of a fancy, beautifully formed little chocolate dessert adorned with gold leaf and presented on a platter with one or two edible blooms, for you to reach over and delicately pop into your mouth."

There were specific things that we were very pleased to see that she picked up on in her review, things that we worked hard to achieve with this fragrance, but not necessarily that obvious to anyone sampling Chris Maurice’s singular approach to working with oud in new ways. We are delighted that Nicla delves deep into the oud aspect of Gold Spot compared with Loudo.

"it would be remiss to not note that there is that deep, musty, animalic feel to Gold Spot too – at least now and again. Gold Spot does have a feral kind of edge and it does have delicate hints of a barnyard note at times – not too loudly or persistently, but it is there and perhaps to a greater degree than it is noticeable in Loudo. The oud is multifaceted and scintillating in the way in which it shimmers and changes, and the more challenging aspects of its nature are just part of that, adding to the fascination.

sarah baker perfumes new extrait 'gold spot' by perfumer chris maurice, review by nicola thomis on blog the sniff

We are thrilled to read about the type of occasion that Nicola would wear Gold Spot...

I’d wear Gold Spot for occasions where you want to turn heads and be noticed. The Christmas party, the glamorous event, anywhere where you want to feel radiant and like you have a fragrant spotlight on you at all times.

Nicola’s polished words are a joy to read and you really should experience them for yourselves, which you can do here.

Thank you so much, Nicola; for thinking of us again and for your kind words about our latest extrait de parfum, Gold Spot!

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