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The Sniff reviews Flame & Fortune

We were moved, perhaps even choked up a little, at the recent review of Flame & Fortune on The Sniff, the online channel of the fragrance reviewer Nicola Thomis.

“...although I recognise the individual elements, I have yet to understand how the perfumer made them sing in quite the way that she did.”

Eloquent, thorough and a ripping read teetering on hyperbole, this review, like Flame & Fortune itself, is glowing. We were thoroughly chuffed. Sometimes it’s hard not to feel humbled by such kind words, about this juice in particular and the house more generally.

“Flame & Fortune is an accomplished outing for a house who are gathering in strength with every release. Definitely a brand to watch for the coming year and beyond.”

We’re not going to spoil The Sniffer’s fantastic piece. You really need to read it for yourself. All we are going to say is that with insightful endorsement such as this, you’d be crazy not to want Flame & Fortune.

Many appreciative thanks to Nicola for your thoughtful review.

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