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SARAH BAKER at Perfumology, Philadelphia

SARAH BAKER at Perfumology, Philadelphia

We’re delighted that you can now purchase SARAH BAKER at Perfumology in Philadelphia, providing a new possibility for those in Pennsylvania and parts of the Tri State Area who might want to physically experience the fragrances for themselves. 

Perfumology is a well known destination for lovers of luxury niche fragrances in The City of Brotherly Love, run by Creative Director Nir Guy. We’re thrilled to have joined a line-up of some 70 of the best haute parfumerie brands from all around the world. 

SARAH BAKER Perrfumes at Perfumology, Philadelphia

It’s very important to us that our compositions are showcased in retailers that truly understand fragrance and ensure that shoppers are offered help and personalised advice when discovering new scents. Perfumology certainly does that as well as running a programme of events where fragrance enthusiasts can attend perfume launches or meet with the noses who have created them. 

Perfumology is located in the Old City area of Philadelphia, home to some of the country’s oldest streets, famous for their beautifully conserved 18th-century rowhouses. Pretty much the birthplace of American Independence, many of the USA’s most important historical sites and key examples of Colonial Era architecture are within this district which, today, is also home to trendy bars, restaurants and boutiques. 

So, that offers any visitor the chance to combine a little luxury shopping with good food and wine or cultural edification while taking in the charming streets on foot. 

Thank you for welcoming us to Philadelphia, Nir!

SARAH BAKER Perfumes at Perfumology, Philadelphia


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