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Peach’s Revenge launched in Milan

SARAH BAKER Peach’s Revenge

The fourth fragrance for the house by nose Chris Maurice was launched last week at Esxence 2024 in Milan. And, a great success it has proven with both retailers and customers clambering to get their hands on his spectacular creation, Peach’s Revenge. Some of those lucky enough to experience it at Esxence immediately took to their social media channels extolling its qualities. Be sure to check out what they had to say in the highlights section on our Instagram.

The latest fragrance by Chris—who created the three fragrances in the house’s Oud Trilogy—is something of a departure. Sarah explained: “Chris is a master of ouds; probably what he’s best known for. And certainly, that’s what we’ve been busy with together for the last few years. Chris has created a stunning, unique oud family for the house in a way that really intuits who we are. 

“But, there’s this whole other side to Chris’ work that I’ve admired for years, his consummate creations with fruit notes. We’ve been so busy working hard together for the last few years on the ouds. So, it’s great to finally have the opportunity to release a gorgeous fruit-led extrait by Chris."

"Peach’s Revenge is a dish best served cold. But not without the warmth of human skin."

Peach's Revenge is spicy, naughty and luscious, and it's led by notes of peach, nectarine, and guava. In many ways, it’s an ode to that Mediterranean gourmand tradition. But it also has a bit of a dark side, a sting in the tale.

Peach’s Revenge — “vendetta di pesca”

Peach’s Revenge is an extrait de parfum inspired by an original story of two young people who realise a conniving global corporation is trying to get its hands on an age-old family peach orchard in Southern Italy. A contemporary reimagining of a Renaissance revenge drama, it’s a game of cat and mouse played out under the Calabrian sun. But who is the predator and who is the prey?

SARAH BAKER Peach’s Revenge

Beneath the benign shade of a peach orchard, this is a gourmand that walks its own line. A handsome villain that struts out trumpeting an exuberance of fresh, juicy fruit—peach, guava and nectarine. The creaminess of vanilla and caramel build mouthwatering anticipation like some tempting artisanal dessert or a delicious Peach Melba demanding to be eaten al fresco during a languid lunch on an endless summer day. Orris creates a soft focus, puts the fuzz on the peach, evoking perfect white fluffy clouds in a blue summer’s sky on halcyon days. 

But the plot soon thickens. The naive innocence of fruits gives way to an adult sensuality underscored by the mammalian warmth of musk warmed in the afternoon sun. And, after the sugar hit of fructose, the spices emerge—cinnamon, cardamom, ginger. They take it in the direction of a challenging Michelin-starred gastronomic palette. Perhaps they even remind us that the wealth of Italy’s historic city states was built on trade the connected the Silk Road with Mediterranean maritime trade, bringing back the flavours and aromas of precious spices from distant corners of the world.

There’s a decisive denouement here. When danger threatens, you’ve got to be Machiavellian, as hard and precise as amber arriving like a dagger. Or become an alchemist knowing that, even as you savour the amaretto, what lies within a sweet peach’s stone can be deadly.

Peach’s Revenge is a dish best served cold. But not without the warmth of human skin.

As with all of the fragrances in the flagship SARAH BAKER Collection, the 50ml bottle comes in a presentation box that includes an original mini screenplay by Sarah Baker Studios revealing the scented tale behind the fragrance.

Peach’s Revenge is available at a special pre-order price for a very limited time.


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