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Olfactif Interview with Sarah Baker

sarah baker perfumes ‘Symmerty’ by perfumer Chris Maurice 

‘flame & fortune’ by perfumer Sarah Baker 

‘far from the madding crowd’ Miguel Matos 

‘G clef’ by perfumer Sarah Baker 

‘Bascule’ by perfumer Ashley Eden Kessler 
Olfactif interview Danielle K. Fleming

We were delighted when Danielle K. Fleming, director of Olfactif, the service that offers an affordable and regular way for people to discover the best of niche fragrances through their subscription boxes of diverse samples, invited Sarah Baker to include one of the fragrances she created for a special subscription box called Gold Rush.

Olfactif’s concept behind Gold Rush was to bring out an edition that included only fragrances created by women noses. And, March was the perfect month to do so since it sees a number of key celebrations of women and women’s achievement, most notably International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month. Incidentally 21 March 2022 is also National Fragrance Day in the USA.

Danielle’s choice for inclusion in the Gold Rush subscription box is G Clef, the house’s eau de parfum created by Sarah that combines coastal, citrus and woody notes with a classic fougére.

“The aspect of being able to spray a scent and suddenly you vividly imagine a coastal drive in a convertible car with the top down, really got me excited. When I spray G Clef, that is what I think of.” – Sarah Baker interviewed by Danielle K. Fleming

Sarah’s G Clef is included alongside five other fragrances created by women perfumers. But, for this special box honouring women in perfumery, Danielle also published feature interviews with a number of the perfumers whose creations are included in the March subscription box on the Olfactif blog. You can discover more about what makes Sarah Baker, Sandy Carr, Ellen Covey, Kelly Jones, Sarah McCartney and Dawn Spencer Hurwitz tick as perfumers; their interests and passions and experience as women entrepreneurs in the perfume sector.

“I wasn’t afraid to start experimenting in perfumery because my work as an artist has taught me so many relevant transferable skills. For instance, the composition and balance of a perfume is fundamentally similar to composition of a photograph.” – Sarah Baker interviewed by Danielle K. Fleming

And, if you want to know the full story as to how Sarah came create G Clef, you’ll also find it in the full interview, which you can check out here.

If you would like to receive the Gold Rush subscription box, be sure to sign up here by 15 March 2022.

sarah baker perfumes 'g clef' by perfumer sarah baker photo: @wearescentient
photo by @wearescentient

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