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Now Stocked at Lake Garda, Italy

sarah baker perfumes ‘Atlante’ by perfumer Sarah McCartney , ‘Greek Keys’ by perfumer Ashley Eden Kessler,  ’tartan’ by perfumer Sarah McCartney stocked in Lake Garda, Italy

We’re over the moon that our full collections of fragrances are now stocked at Essences au Clair De Lune on the shores of beautiful Lake Garda in Northern Italy. Essences au Clair De Lune is a specialist perfume shop devoted to exclusive niche fragrances and we are thrilled to be in such good company: its listings include numerous vaunted fragrance houses.

You might think that it’s location on the shores of Lago di Garda a curious place for an exclusive perfumery. But, dear friends, it makes complete sense. Nearby Lake Como or Lugano might be more familiar hunting grounds for the paparazzi waiting to snap an off-guard picture of Hollywood stars such as George Clooney relaxing at their lakeside retreats, but Lake Garda is the most dramatic of the Italian alpine lakes. It's the eternally chic choice for a weekend getaway or the right place to have a holiday home among the stylish sets of Milan and Verona.

Malcesine viewed across the lake

If you are lucky enough to be in the vicinity, you really should head for Garda, to explore the charms of historic Malcesine, practically on the doorstep of Essences au Clair De Lune. Or, discover the numerous charming spots on the shores with first rate traditional restaurants and relaxed aperitivi bars on the edge of the lake. No wonder the discreetly sophisticated from all over the world have enjoyed waterside sojourns at Lake Garda for centuries. We’re certain that Luca, proprietor of Essences au Clair De Lune, is used to catering to a very discerning international clientele. Why not join them? You’d fit right in.

And, Garda offers another rare treat. The microclimate created by the very high, steep slopes surrounding the lake mean that lemons and other trees flower and fruit earlier than anywhere else at this high altitude in the region. The town of Simione, on the opposite shore from Essences au Clair De Lune, is famed for its lemons. Very fragrant and reputed to be the most bitter in all Italy, they are particularly valued for making some of the best limoncello in the world. They are equally sought after as a fragrance ingredient and Simione is famous for its luxurious traditional lemon soap. Hmmm, maybe we should pay Luca a visit and get inspired for a new juice using Simione lemons...

The famed Simione lemons


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