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Mr Cologne 76 Catches Up with Me

sarah baker perfumes mr cologne 76 catch up

Glenn Davis, better known under the moniker Mr Cologne 76, is a respected fragrance connoisseur and reviewer. I have known him since the early days of the house and have always appreciated his support for the brand. So it was great that we could catch up when he recently invited me to be interviewed on his popular Instagram TV channel as part of his coverage of the house and its more recent developments.

Mr Cologne 76 was eager to hear how I had became a perfumer and how our indie house approaches creating fragrances. More specifically we talked about our new second line, the S.BAKER Collection of EDPs, and I filled Glenn in on some of the stories behind the individual juices.

On the back of Mr Cologne 76 reviewing this collection earlier in the same week we also discussed some of the five juices in the collection in more detail. So, which are Mr Cologne 76’s favourites? You can find out for yourself in the interview here.

It was really fun to catch up after some time. Thanks again for the invite, Glenn.

sarah baker perfumes mr cologne 76 glenn davis interview

Incidentally, back in 2019, I interviewed Mr Cologne 76 myself. So, if you want to learn more about what makes this vibrant personality on the indie fragrance scene tick, you can check it out here.

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