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Best Fragrances 2022: FRAGRANTICA Editors Choice

sarah baker perfumes, Fragrantica editors choice best fragrances 2022, 'gold spot' by perfumer chris maurice, fragnatica editor nicola thomis

Thank you so much Fragrantica editor, Nicola Thomis for this wonderful accolade. Nicola curated a wonderful selection of fantastic perfumes, with a tidbit of writing on each 'fume. Check out her whole article. Here's what Nicola wrote about Gold Spot:

Who wouldn't want to be surrounded by their very own golden glow? Sarah Baker, working with perfumer Chris Maurice, makes that possible with Gold Spot. There's a great chemistry in the way these two artists come together to produce a scent, and Gold Spot is charged, fulsome and loud but in a way which feels like it oozes charisma. A great one for bold nights out and days when you need extra oomph, and let's face it, we have all had some of the latter this year!

sarah baker perfumes, best fragrances 2022, fragrantica editors choice 'gold spot' by perfumer chris maurice

If you've smelled any of our fragrances, please write a review on Fragrantica. Candid reviews really help small Independent brands like ours, but they also help fragrance enthusiasts discover new fragrant loves.


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