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Labels Inc. window display in Antwerp

sarah baker perfumes, Labels Inc. window display in Antwerp

In conjunction with a in-store shelf display at Labels Inc which presents my Motif Collection, we presented a brand new photographic still life especially for the window. This particular photograph was different from our previous photo shoots because our still life props (i.e. fish) had some over-the-top sensory reactions upon sight. You wouldn’t necessarily associate fish with beautiful smelling perfumes... but I think it works on a subconscious level. Being able to draw inspiration from classic Flemish Baroque paintings also allowed for a great amount of detail to the display.

Labels Inc is a fashion boutique in the heart of the shopping district of Antwerp and features top designers - particularly the best Belgian designers.

Erna, the lovely owner of Labels Inc, has a rolling programme that showcases photographers, designers, and artists installations in this grand window. I’m so pleased that mine is up through Christmas. Thank you so much @projectilenetwork and @labelsinc

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