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Still Life of Leopard by Brooke Belldon

Still life of Leopard by Brooke Belldon, aka @bgirlrhapsody

Brooke Belldon is a perfume enthusiast and fellow American ex-pat in London. I met Brooke at 4160Tuesdays, where she works with renowned perfumer, Sarah McCartney who just so happens to have created Lace and Tartan for Sarah Baker Perfumes.

Sarah McCartney has a massive perfume collection, so working there would be a dream for any enthusiast (and possible future perfumer!). Brooke clearly has a very good collection of perfumes herself, and she is a wonderful photographer. Follow her on Instagram @bgirlrhapsody for beautiful perfume images with spot-on descriptions.

Here's what Brooke had to say about Leopard:

"I have a real soft spot for perfumes that smell of cosmetics - lipsticks, powders, hand creams, etc. I feel like they are pretty just for the sake of being pretty, and I appreciate them for that. @houseofsarahbaker Leopard turns up the sexy on the scent of lipstick, giving it a suggestive, Mrs Robinson feel and a bit of added growl."

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