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Esxence 2018 - 2D Perfumery: How Instagram Culture is Affecting Fragrance Design

sarah baker perfumes, esxence 2018 - 2d perfumery how instagram culture is affecting fragrance design

Above photo by: The Institute for Art and Olfaction. L-R: Eddie Bulliqui, Marta De Leonardis, Sarah Baker, Alex Lee, Andy Tauer.

I was delighted when journalist Eddie Bulliqi asked me to speak on a panel at the 10th Esxence, held in April 2018 in Milan. The topic is extraordinarily interesting: Instagram's effect on perfumery. No doubt Instagram has an effect on everything, but what I really love about perfume is that you have to experience it in real life. Watch a video of the full discussion below and click the names to follow us on Instagram!

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