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  • Sarah Baker

Sarah Baker for FFF Zine Issue #3

It was a bright and sunny morning in London when I received a phone call from FFF Zine asking me to create an editorial investigating fragrance and taste. "Taste meaning aesthetic standard?," I wondered.

No. For the "world's dishiest magazine" FFF, short for Food-For-Fashion: taste meaning flavour.

We agreed that a person could be so obsessed with perfume that she might try to drink it, and that's exactly what I set out to do.

Coincidentally, I had just stumbled upon a few impressive projects. Sultan Pasha of Sultan Pasha Attars had recently served me a lovely ambergris infused coffee at the Jovoy Mayfair launch. I was also reminded of renowned drinks expert, Tony Conigliaro's Chanel N°5 cocktail, and I was especially excited to find out about his Lipstick Rose cocktail (after Frederic Malle's perfume). And how could I forget speaking with Andreas Wilhelm of Perfume.Sucks about his new chewing gum while sipping espresso at at Pitti Fragranze.

With three amazing projects to cover, I was thrilled to accept the challenge from FFF Zine and I arranged interviews with Sultan, Tony and Andreas. These gentlemen have fascinating things to say, I hope you'll agree. Scroll down for the still lifes and interviews that I created for FFF Zine issue #3. Also if you'd like to read the full interviews they are available here:

Andreas Wilhelm

Tony Conigliaro

Sultan Pasha

Portraits photographed by James Nelson, makeup by Adam De Cruz, hair by Takuya Uchiyama.

Still lifes photographed by Sarah Baker, calligraphy by Alice Mazzilli.

Photographic assistant: Lucas Gabellini-Fava

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