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  • Sarah Baker

Experimental Scent Summit (V.2)

Dear Friends,

The deadline for participation in the Experimental Scent Summit (V.2) (at Swedenborg Society in London on April 18th & 19th) is approaching FAST (deadline Feb 26th)! The Summit, curated by Klara Ravat + The Institute for Art and Olfaction, will be held at the Swedenborg Society in London on April 18th & 19th.

Click HERE for a chance to present. Otherwise--do you have your tickets?

I’m thrilled to participate in the Scent Summit again this year. Last year was a great experience and I enjoyed learning about experimental scent works and talking with people about my work and interests. I met so many fantastic people through this platform, and there were many really interesting topics and issues covered.

Check out last year's lineup

Last year my presentation was called "NOT VERSACE." In 10 minutes I jammed through 100 slides of my fav fashion, celebrity, advertising, perfume, & art related Instagram posts. Below is a selection.

What do I have in store for this year? I hope you’ll attend and find out!

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