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SARAH BAKER launches in Kuwait

sarah baker perfumes fragrances now available at House of Perfume in Kuwait

We’re delighted to announce that the house’s fragrances are now available in Kuwait at House of Perfume. We’re also thrilled that our debut in Kuwait has offered an opportunity for a bespoke presentation wall in House of Perfume's latest luxurious city-centre store in Kuwait City.

House of Perfume invited Sarah Baker to design a presentation wall to showcase the house’s fragrances for their customers. Wanting to keep true to the brand’s identity as an artist-run house, Sarah but also to connect with the brand’s own story. So, she created a dramatic design based on our earlier Color Field project.

sarah baker perfumes now available in kuwait at house of perfume

We’re all very impressed with just how perfectly House of Perfume’s technical team realised the design. Then again, it was hardly a surprise given that precision installation and high-quality finishes are a staple for presenting perfumes in House of Perfume’s high-end stores.

Thank you so much to House of Perfume for welcoming us to Kuwait and to the technical team for realising the design with such care.


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