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sarah baker perfumes olfactif q&a with founder sarah baker

Hi there, Ariel here, reporting from Sarah Baker’s studio. Sarah asked me today to take a look at an interview Sarah had with Olfactif. Embarrassingly I had not actually heard of Olfactif before so did a little research on them.

Olfactif was founded in 2013 by Tara Swords and was taken on by Danielle Fleming (founder and nose of Note Fragrances) in 2018. They offer a unique monthly subscription of three samples of niche fragrance. These sample packs are curated based on a theme to fit certain moods. It’s a great way to explore new scents beyond the mass-market.

Olfactif’s approach to curation parallels Sarah’s method in her own work. They cultivate an atmosphere that the owner can experience through these scents, as opposed to the unattainable and unrealistic fantasy that is depicted in perfume advertising seen in commercials or magazines. Sarah attempts to do this in her work and adds a hint of attainable fantasy.

This interview conducted by Olfactif offers some great insight into what drew Sarah to making perfume and her journey through the beginning stages of the company. You can read the full interview HERE.


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