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Niche Gallery + Cherry Garden in Budapest

Budapest is famously a city of multiple parts. In 1873, the three ancient settlements of Buda, Óbuda, and Pest were officially unified as Budapest, the Hungarian capital. So, it seems only fitting that we make our debut in this historic city in not one, but two chic fragrance stores.

In central Budapest, our fragrances are now available at Cherry Garden, located in the elegant 19th-century downtown district that is home to shops and restaurants, Liberty Square, St Stephen’s Basilica and the landmark opera house of the Hungarian State Opera.

You’ll also now find our fragrances in Niche Gallery, located in the popular modern shopping precinct neighbouring the Turjános Nature Reserve, one of Budapest’s largest preserved natural green spaces, at the northeastern edge of the city.

Both stores offer an excellent selection of top luxury niche fragrances and we are proud to be in such good company.

Our arrival is a double pleasure in more ways than one. Both stores will be stocking both the flagship SARAH BAKER Collection and our brand spanking new S.BAKER Collection. Congratulations Budapest. This makes you officially the first destination in Europe to offer our latest collection in bricks-and-mortar stores.

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