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Jazz Hands Donation to Charity, Made In Hackney

SARAH BAKER Supports Covid-19 Emergency Food Service

As part of the SARAH BAKER Jazz Hands initiative, in addition to donating £5 of each sale to Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders, the brand is donating bottles of its hand sanitiser made to a WHO-recommended recipe to Made In Hackney for use by volunteers and those staffing its Covid-19 Emergency Food Service.

sarah baker perfumes 'jazzhands' covid-19 emergency food service donation to charity, made in hackney
Sarah Bentley, Founder of Made In Hackney

Made In Hackney is a London charity based near the SARAH BAKER perfume studio. The charity believes that everyone should have access to healthy, affordable food that’s good for people and good for the planet.

sarah baker perfumes 'jazzhands' covid-19 emergency food service donation to charity, made in hackney
we biked over with 52 x 60ml bottles

Made In Hackney’s core activities focus on a range of plant-based cooking classes, courses and community events with a focus on particularly targeting vulnerable, low-income and marginalised groups, though, in practice, it works with a broad spectrum of the local community. Other activities include using its attractive eco-kitchen as a flagship for nurturing local ethical food entrepreneurship and instrumentalising green food culture to build social cohesion at a community level.

Made In Hackney’s regular programme of activities has been indefinitely suspended due to current coronavirus precautions. But the charity has immediately swung into action, setting up an Covid-19 Emergency Food Service. This service is now providing a temporary direct-to-door, free meal delivery service for some of Hackney’s most vulnerable members of the community.

The Covid-19 Emergency Food Service is intended specifically for vulnerable people in Hackney, such as the elderly and others in at-risk medical categories under government advice to completely self-isolate for 12 weeks. Under self-isolation protocols,many such people and their immediate households are being asked to even avoid shopping for food. For those observing these protocols without a personal support network in place, access to food is effectively impossible.

Made In Hackney is able to provide this urgently needed free food delivery service due to the generous donations of individuals and businesses. But more funds are needed to ensure that it can continue its important work. You can contribute by donating to the Covid-19 Emergency Food Service here.

sarah baker perfumes 'jazzhands' covid-19 emergency food service donation to charity, made in hackney

SARAH BAKER is donating bottles of Jazz Hands hand sanitiser to Made in Hackney for use by those delivering food to self-isolated households those working in their food shop as an additional precaution in preventing transmission of Covid-19.

Just as SARAH BAKER is urging other perfume brands able to produce hand sanitiser to do so, so too is Made In Hackney urging others to set a similar emergency community meal provision in their own neighbourhoods. Founders Sarah Bentley and Joshana Lovage and the team at Made In Hackney have also made this video to share their knowledge and experience in setting up an emergency food service.


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