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Crystal Beach Amusement Park Logo

sarah baker perfumes logo origin story

A couple of years ago my dad sent me this nostalgic pamphlet for Crystal Beach, an amusement park on the lake that my dad worked for when I was a child. Having a dad who worked for an amusement park was awesome. He did the PR, so lots of the promotional material was around the house- letterheads, ads, pamphlets, and booklets like this one. To me, the Crystal Beach logo represented sheer excitement, anticipation, joy, and wonder. As an adult, I really appreciate it when I get that wonderment feeling. So when I was designing my new logo for perfumes, this sprang to mind because for me, perfumes can definitely inspire that wonderment feeling.

The Comet was Crystal Beach’s feature ride. It was magnificent. The Comet was built in 1946 to replace The Cyclone which deemed to dangerous to ride anymore. I was too small to ride The Comet but since my dad worked at the park, I was a lucky kid and got to go on the ride when the park closed. Wooden roller coasters are a much different experience to modern day roller coasters. It’s a much rougher ride and - apart from the motorised chain that takes the cars to the top of the first the ride uses solely gravity.

sarah baker perfumes logo origin story

I'm sure my dad must have known that Crystal Beach holds a very special place in my heart, being why he sent the pamphlet. But he probably didn’t think that my response to this sentiment would be so strong.

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