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sarah baker perfumes, CaFleureBon, 'tartan' by perfumer sarah mccartney

I love this article written by Ida Meister (and art directed by Michelyn Camen) for CaFleureBon. I have been following and admiring CaFleureBon since about 2015 when I got into making perfumes, so this is a real moment for me.

As a visual artist, I particularly admire CaFleureBon’s posts because they are so rich with art, design and film reference images, usually chosen by Michelyn Camen, Editor-in-Chief. If you follow my Instagram account, you know I am big on reference images. It comes as no surprise to find out that Michelyn comes from an art background as well. She has surrounded herself with a really strong team of contributors at CaFleureBon.

But it wasn't until a recent trip to San Francisco that I was prompted to contact Michelyn about my perfumes. I was nudged by Sebastian Jara—he himself a regular contributor to CaFleureBon. In fact, he is the only video contributor for the website. I contacted Michelyn and it was immediately apparent to me that we’d work well together. She asked me to send samples to a few reviewers and Ida took to the assignment very well.

The following quote is screen-grabbed from Ida's article on CaFleureBon. Here Ida is describing Tartan (crafted by Sarah McCartney):

Ida writes with ease and fluidity in her review. There is a certain amount of tongue-in-cheek humour she embraces, which I love. I just think humour is so important because it is the gateway to pleasure. But what really touched me the most about Ida’s article is that she didn’t just review two of my perfumes, but she bravely delved into my art practice as a whole and she thought sincerely about my motives. Ida effortlessly grasps what I am doing—and in just a few paragraphs she eloquently translates a decade of my passion.

The following quote is screen-grabbed from Ida's article on CaFleureBon. Here Ida is describing Leopard (crafted by Ashley Eden Kessler):

Many thanks to Ida, Michelyn, Sebastian and everyone involved with making CaFleureBon such a fantastic resource for the industry.

Read the whole article HERE, and don't forget to make a comment to enter yourself into the reader's choice draw for a full bottle before October 18th.

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