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About Sarah Baker​, the artist 


Sarah Baker’s art has always been about the culture of luxury and glamour, both real and imagined. After writing and directing her 2014 short film, ‘Impirioso,’ a soap opera-style dramatization about a fictional Italian fashion empire, she developed her gallery solo show, ‘Sixth Floor,’ where she exhibited fragrances as art works. Named after Harrods’ exclusive Salon de Parfums located on the sixth floor, Sarah’s exhibition playfully interrogated the luxurious and glamorous aesthetic of the high-end fragrance world. The gallery and its shop-front windows were transformed into an exclusive olfactory boutique.


The first four perfumes—Leopard, Greek Keys, Lace, and Tartan—were showcased in bottles and packaging designed and made by the artist. Working with Ashley Eden Kessler at the Institute for Art + Olfaction, Sarah quickly came to understand perfume’s ability to narrate subconsciously without words.


As a new medium of storytelling, Sarah could construct a mise-en-scéne for the wearer to enact a unique dramatisation starring in one of Sarah Baker’s scented tales.

To learn more about Sarah Baker’s work as a visual artist, visit

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Key Artist Moments



Baroness x Versace, coffee table book, 152 pages

Sarah's unique talents came out to play with the Baroneess tale, a collaboration with Versace.


Following the lives of five outrageous characters as they navigate tumultuous affairs, the story begins when American music mogul Angelina Marina, played by Baker, receives an unwanted holiday gift, inadvertently opening a sordid, seasonal tale of tangled lives and treachery. Everything is at stake—Angelina’s freedom, the loyalty of her daughter, her friendship with The Baroness, and—worst of all—the royalties from her hit single, ‘Spritz Me with Your Love’.


A riotous whirl of Versace style, rosé champagne, scandalous associations and the sexiest men in town, BARONESS is back with her biggest and boldest issue yet. But be careful when admiring your own reflection...someone may be plotting behind your back!

Watch the Versace Holiday Saga - Director's Cut featuring Sarah Baker and Helena Christensen. 

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Sarah Baker Studios




Art is in the house’s DNA. Thus, our collaborations are aligned with a focus on art. Sarah occasionally creates with husband Andy Hsu, also an artist; and at other times partners with other creatives. 

This includes exhibiting fragrance-related art projects in respected galleries, such as Galería Fermay, Palma de Mallorca, or participating in events at museums, such as the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles.

Other projects include the National Theatre Studio, IAO Experimental Scent Club “table reading”, True North exhibition.

​The brand also forges collaborations with other professional artists and creatives that builds visibility and emphasises art as a focus of the brand.

About Sarah Baker, the fragrance brand



Each SARAH BAKER fragrance tells a unique story, harnessing scent's ability to vividly evoke memories, ideas, and feelings. Sarah Baker works closely with invited perfumers in a process of mutual inspiration to construct original fragrant narratives full of intriguing nuance and spectacular fantasy. 

Every fragrance is an insight into the imaginations and craft of today’s cutting-edge olfactory talents who compose with acute attention to detail to create deeply luxurious, long-lasting olfactory experiences. There’s a scented tale to suit every mood, desire, and dream. We set the scene for your starring role.


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