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2021: A Very Good Start for Loudo

Loudo, our most recent unisex extrait de parfum made its debut in October 2021. While it wasn't even around for most of 2021, it's a year that has proven a great one for this juice.

In barely a few months, it managed to capture the attention of customers and fragrance professionals alike. It’s hurtled into our top bestseller position. And it’s garnered praise and accolades from some of the perfume world’s most respected reviewers and commentators.

Just to make it easier for you to get an at-a-glance overview of what those in the know are saying about this unique oud-led juice, we’ve pulled together a range of selected links to the coverage to date, conveniently in one place.


The Perfume Guy 21 best of 21

Fragantica Editors' Best Perfumes of 2021

ÇaFleureBon Best of Scent 2021

Colognoisseur's Best of 2021

The Plum Girl Mirabelle Plum Awards 2021

My Scent Journey Top 20 Best Fragrances of 2021

"Oud is everywhere again this year, but I don’t smell that many fragrances which push it in a new direction. Melding it here with chocolate and cherries felt more unusual to me, and it was a moreish difference I really enjoyed." —Nicola Thomis, Fragantica


The Perfume Guy's Top 12 Gourmand Ouds

Yana Tommelise's Top Sweet Ouds list

Frag-Mental - 10 Top Autumn Fragrances I can't Stop Wearing!

“Loudo expands the gourmand genre by taking a cherry cordial out for a walk in a Laotian forest. For those looking for a new type of gourmand you should take a trek with Loudo.” —Mark Benkhe, Colognoisseur

Individual Reviews

The Perfume Guy

Lauryn Beer for ÇaFleureBon

The Plum Girl

The Sniff

“It’s so good! I love it. White chocolate with aromatics running throughout it, developing into a really interesting oud. It smells great. I think it’s my favourite from your collection. It has a gourmandish something happening up top that I really like. It’s a winner for me.” —Sebastian Jara, The Perfume Guy

Stephan Matthews

The Scented Hound

My Scent Journey


“The combination of oud and resin, each echoing the other, gives Loudo a complex woody-earthiness that is quite addictive.”—Lauryn Beer, Senior Editor of ÇaFleureBon

Naturally, we extend our thanks and appreciation to all the excellent experts who have done us the honour of shining the spotlight on Loudo.

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