Extrait de Parfum 9ml

Extrait de Parfum 9ml


Choose from the dropdown menu. See below for descriptions. Each atomiser is 9ml of our Extrait de Parfum collection.


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    • Description

      • Atlante: A mermaid emerging from the sea. Real beach vibes.
      • Charade: Big white flower with a cutting edge of rustic leather. Sophisticated and contemporary.
      • Jungle Jezebel: Bombastic banana bootylicious beast. Love it or hate it? We love. Join us.
      • Rules of Attraction: Louis the Sun King in ballet shoes eating fine macarons at Versaille. Devilishly extravagant.
      • Greek Keys: A yacht ride in the Greek Islands. Fresh, Oceanic, Luxurious.
      • Lace: Tropical breeze billows curtains the morning after. Lacy lingerie scattered.
      • Tartan: After a long walk in the Highlands, enjoy your first sip of whiskey next to the fire in the library.
      • Leopard: Power fragrance that must be worn with shoulder pads. Not for children.