Eau de Parfum 15ml

Eau de Parfum 15ml


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  • About the 15ml EDPs

    Unisex S.BAKER Collection Eau de Parfums in 15ml spray-top bottles

    A handsome addition on your vanity and small enough to pop into your wash bag or purse, the 15ml bottles are ideal for when you want to carry less but be able to spritz on the go. Of course, they also make fantastic gifts.  


    Each comes in a compact elegant box in the collection's signature Enlightenment Green.


    Our special introductory price is only until 31 Dec.

  • About each fragrance

    • Bascule: Horses, hay and leather. The sun-ripened notes of succulent fruit, woods and prominent green notes. Equestrian.
    • Far from the Madding Crowd: A picnic in the countryside. Botanics, deciduous fruits, wild flowers and woods. Meadows. 

    • Flame & Fortune: White flowers, spice and citrus heated until it catches fire in the dryness of the fragrant desert. Dramatic.

    • G Clef: Jazz-inspired. Coastal, citrus and woody and notes of a fougére. Californian or Mediterranean? Savoire Faire. 

    • Symmetry: The fragrance hub of the Ancient World. Combines oud, with the freshness of a cologne tradition. Classical.


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