Rules of Attraction

Rules of Attraction



Extrait de Parfum

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  • About Rules of Attraction

    An homage to a famed fragrance, this re-consideration of a ball at Versailles sees through the rose-tinted romantic vision to much darker energies. Dangerous liaisons at court and contemporary iterations in writings that are often shocking. Here, the flowers in the garden are all beautiful, but some signal danger. Romantic, certainly, but hardly innocent. 

  • Notes

    In three words: bouquet, extravagant, carnal


    Notes: cumin, grapefruit, aldehydes, iris, gardenia, jasmine, tuberose, neroli, civet, musk, leather accord, vanilla, woody notes


    Nose: Miguel Matos

  • Expert Quote

    “Matos has taken just about every sex-bomb note in creation and dropped it into Rules of Attraction with no apologies and great panache… throws wide the doors on the Hall of Mirrors with a thousand brilliant aldehydes swathed across a gardenia the size of a rococo wig… Rules of Attraction moves between brash, two fingers bigness and a dozen subtler touches that make it feel entirely current. The chameleon-like way it changes from time to time on the skin make it great fun to wear, and the dry-down is wonderful. 


    -Lauryn Beer, Senior Editor, ÇaFleureBon