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Winter Warmers

We’ve had a lot of people asking us in the last couple of weeks what our best fragrances are for winter. So, we thought it timely that we share our cold weather favourites with you.

sarah baker perfumes 'tartan' by perfumer sarah mccartney

Of all of our fragrances, this is the one that most people who experience it cite as an autumn and winter fragrance. And, they’re certainly not wrong. Brimming with warm notes that conjure up top-notch Scottish whiskey, dewy moss and homely freshly baking bread—or could they be oatcakes?—Tartan is definitely a winter warmer, whether swirling around you as you take a trudge through the frosty Highlands on a foggy day or through deciduous woods turning golden red in autumn and even more so when you settle beside the hearth to share a dram of the good stuff with friends in front of a warming fire. One that will get you through the winter with a warm glow that draws people closer.

sarah baker perfumes 'leopard' by perfumer ashley eden kessler

A deep and heady fragrance, Leopard is never out of place on a night straight out of La Dolce Vita during a summer escapade in Rome. But this noble leopard is an adaptable beast that teaches the conundrum that the same spices used in hot locations to cool us down are also used in frosty climes to warm us up. Equally at home during a chilly Milanese winter or on the slopes in Cortina, warming spices, cosy florals and the heavy mammalian warmth of musk and castoreum come to the fore as it settles, accentuating the sense of your own body glowing against the cold. Sensual and seductive, don’t be shocked if it brings to mind distinctly primal ways of sharing body heat.

Remember how you learned in school that those clear skies mean that desert temperatures often drop to freezing at night? This juice might evoke flowers baking in arid heat under a sweltering sun, but it’s as if the fragrance captures that warmth and releases it when you need it; when nights turn cold. With pink pepper, ginger, madarin petigrain and a veritable aroma of wood burned by fire, Flame & Fortune gets the mercury rising. Transport yourself to Santa Fe in the winter, a desert oasis that’s no stranger to snow, as you wrap yourself in a beautiful blanket and pull in around an outdoor fire, watching the glow of the flames reflecting on red-earth adobe walls. A smoky mezcal or perhaps a shot of tequila, an aperitif before the perfect winter barbeque.

sarah baker perfumes 'jungle jezebel' by perfumer miguel matos

Jungle Jezebel is our winter wild card. The first notes of this juice are sweet; bubble gum and succulent fruits, straight out of the tropics. But, it dries down to a rich, deep base. The notes of civet, sandalwood and amber are practically a living beast with a presence all of its own, warm to the touch and warming on your skin. If you want a winter fragrance that plots a different path from the pack, this is most definitely one to try. The unexpected combination of fruits we associate with hot, humid climes and this deep, intense undertow make it wonderfully comforting against the bracing cold. Try it as the nights draw in and you’ll find it can be every bit as much Mink Stole as it is Divine.

sarah baker perfumes 'charade' by perfumer andreas wilhelm

Technically, with its nod to Audrey Hepburn and Carey Grant, this is the one for zipping down the slopes in style, or at least getting slowly piste on the observation deck bar with dazzling vistas. With notes of leather, honey, sandalwood and amber, there is much that is warming in Charade. Some of our most attentive customers say that this is our sexiest fragrance, and who are we to argue with them. Like Reggie in Charade, the customer is always right. But we certainly think that this is one of those rare fragrances that moves effortlessly between seasons, always discreetly commanding attention wherever it goes. It certainly would be one to benefit a celebratory occasion such as New Year's Eve.

sarah baker perfumes 'rules of attraction' by perfumer miguel matos

One of the original inspirations behind this fragrance was a ball at Versailles. But nobody said it was a summer ball. Beneath the symphonic bouquet of white flowers are the warm depths of leather, wood and musk. A floral signature scent smelled through perfect leather gloves as you grip the reigns of your horse sleigh, speeding towards a grand St Petersburg winter soiree straight out of Tolstoy, this romantic, enveloping fragrance has something excessive and hedonistic about it. What better way is there to while away long winter nights than pursuing your own pleasure? Even if the champagne and oysters aren’t close to hand and you’re snuggled up on the sofa in front of a lavish costume drama instead of whirling around a gilded ballroom, Rules of Attraction whisks you off to a world of high drama and heightened emotions all suffused in the glow of candlelight reflected in mirrors and crystal chandeliers.


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