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We're Wafting from the Loft

sarah baker perfumes Wafts from the loft 'loudo' by perfumer chris maurice 'tartan' by perfumer sarah mccartney 'jungle jezebel' by perfumer miguel matos 'charade' by perfumer andreas wilhelm 'atlante' by perfumer sarah mccartney

We love it when interesting people discover our fragrances. So we were thrilled to see Wafts from the Loft experiencing our perfumes for the first time in their recently released video, especially because they seem just as pleased with their discovery as we are.

“There is a bit of funk here… but if you don’t like ouds, you could still wear this. If you don’t like gourmands, you could still wear this… Slightly modern, but also really classic… I found this to be very long lasting...This is the first one I smelled… A big hit… Friendly but not safe.” - Dan on Loudo.

Certainly, there is something uniquely interesting about two British gentlemen fragrance enthusiasts—they’re pretty vociferous that they’re not “reviewers”— who bring you their YouTube musings on fragrance directly from a beautiful church organ loft. They may not see themselves as reviewers, but we’re sure you’ll agree that there’s no doubt about their knowledge about perfumes.

“It feels very rugged, very outdoorsy… I’m getting cold, flintly dry stone wall. Tweed, a hedgerow… tobaccoy, peaty, heathery… kinda refreshing… it feels to me like the things you’d make into a wreath… I really like it. A favourite armchair that you spill things on over the years.” - Jo, on Tartan

Dan and Jo have done us a great honour of sharing their musings on almost our entire extrait de parfum collection. What more could an independent fragrance house ask for? And really, we urge you to watch it for yourselves, because they have something interesting to say about pretty much all of the juices in the collection.

Thank you so much, Dan and Jo, for taking the time to share your thoughts from your organ eerie.


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