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Try Before You Buy: Sweet as Sugar

Sarah Baker Perfumes: our Returns are as Sweet as Sugar

You don't have to blind buy luxury fragrances from us. Our new shipping model is designed so that you can try before you buy. Every 50ml bottle is shipped together with a 2ml sample of the same fragrance. Try the 2ml sample first, without opening the 50ml packaging. If you decide that the fragrance you've ordered is not really one you want, you can return the 50ml bottle free of charge and be refunded for your purchase.

This policy applies to all 50ml bottles shipped domestically in the USA, EU or UK, but not to other countries.

How our try before you buy returns policy works...

  1. You will receive a 2ml sample of the fragrance purchased along with your 50ml order. Do not open the 50ml bottle. Instead, test the 2ml sample.

  2. If you want to return your unopened bottle, contact us within 14 days of receiving it at: and we will send you a return label that you need to print.

  3. Pack your item securely and carefully, attach the label to the outside of the parcel, and send it back to us within 7 days from creating the return label.

  4. Once received, we will inspect your returned item, and if the perfume box remains unopened, we will fully refund you within 7 days using the same payment method you used to make the original purchase.

Now it really is possible to shop for our fragrances you suspect you might like without buying them until you've had a chance to be certain.

Sarah Baker Perfumes: try before you buy


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