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Top Notes Interview - Sarah Baker: Fantasies of Luxury‪!‬

sarah baker perfumes Top Notes interviews sarah baker

If you don’t already know Top Notes fragrance podcasts, you should make a point to do so. It’s easy to say that something is “like nothing else out there”. But I can assure you, dear readers, that Kris Costi and Montana Thomas’ Top Notes really is like no other perfume podcast series out there.

Raucous, ribald, camp and most definitely irreverent, this irascible duo have a passion for fragrance and no shortage of knowledgeable and cutting insights but take a very distinctive, highly entertaining approach to musing and waxing lyrical about perfumes. Discussions or more accurately hyperbolic conversations about fragrance rather than traditional reviews, there’s never a dull moment.

“... the thing we’ve noticed so often about the fragrances from the House of Sarah Baker, which is engaging unashamedly, almost pastichely, with the canon of classical perfumery and then turning it on its, where am I? What’s going on here?” - Kris Costi

sarah baker perfumes

I first really became aware of their podcasts when they featured Jungle Jezebel in their Bubblegum! episode last year. I was very impressed and much amused and started to tune in regularly.

I particularly enjoy the way that they reference pop culture in their discussions about perfume because I’m sure that many people, including me, find this a really useful way of accessing meaningful context. I’m sure, for example, that if you love fragrance but aren’t so familiar with all the terms used in classical perfumery, but love films, TV and gossip media, Top Notes is a great way to understand something about perfumes you haven’t yet been able to try, for example.

"In ‘American Psycho’... the way in which Christian Bale is sexy with a sledgehammer is this fragrance!” - Kris Costi about G Clef

Christian Bale, 'American Psycho; but 'no sledgehammer

So, I was delighted—if somewhat nervous—about being interviewed by Kris and Montana for their latest episode called Sarah Baker: Fantasies of Luxury! Needless to say it was a totally thrilling rollercoaster ride of an interview. I particularly enjoyed the banter with the fierce duo and being asked a number of very different questions from those I usually get asked about fragrance.

“The most expensive barn you’ve ever been in in your whole entire low life” - Montana Thomas about Bascule

I thoroughly recommend you all take a listen, though those of a sensitive disposition may need a seatbelt. And a huge big thank you to Kris and Montana for inviting me.


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