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The Scented Hound on Lace

The author of The Scented Hound claims to be “Just an ordinary guy with the nose of a beagle” offering “a layman’s point of view” and we just adore his no bones about it style. [Pardon the pun. One must find some joy in these troubling times, no?]

We just loved his concise format and were thrilled to discover the Hound’s recent review of Lace by Sarah Baker (perfumer: Sarah McCartney of 4160 Tuesdays).

The Scented Hound writes:

Lace is a fun and delightful ride that settles into a frisky floral vixen.
WHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  Jasmine infused vanilla cream cookies.

Well, now we just want those cookies!

BOTTOM LINE:  Lace was a great introduction to Sarah Baker Perfumes.  It’s fun and easy to wear and one of those perfumes that defies being in a bad mood when wearing it.  Who doesn’t love a fun perfume?

Thank you, Scented Hound! Woof!

With all my love,

Ariel from Team Sarah Baker

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