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The Scented Hound on Lace

sarah baker perfumes 'lace' by perfumer sarah mccartney review by the scented hound

sarah baker perfumes 'lace' by perfumer sarah mccartney

The author of The Scented Hound claims to be “Just an ordinary guy with the nose of a beagle” offering “a layman’s point of view” and we just adore his no bones about it style. [Pardon the pun. One must find some joy in these troubling times, no?]

We just loved his concise format and were thrilled to discover the Hound’s recent review of Lace by Sarah Baker (perfumer: Sarah McCartney of 4160 Tuesdays).

The Scented Hound writes:

Lace is a fun and delightful ride that settles into a frisky floral vixen.
WHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  Jasmine infused vanilla cream cookies.

Well, now we just want those cookies!

BOTTOM LINE:  Lace was a great introduction to Sarah Baker Perfumes.  It’s fun and easy to wear and one of those perfumes that defies being in a bad mood when wearing it.  Who doesn’t love a fun perfume?

Thank you, Scented Hound! Woof!

With all my love,

Ariel from Team Sarah Baker


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