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The Saga Continues

sarah baker perfumes artistic collaboration with versace and baroness, helena christensen in vouge wwd i-d another and interview

Sarah Baker’s artistic collaboration with luxury Italian brand Versace and Baroness towards the end of 2019 on a directional holiday season campaign has received much praise and attention in top fashion titles.

Launched in late November 2019, Sarah Baker’s artist’s collaboration with luxury Italian brand Versace and Baroness looked to the world of glamorous 1980s soap operas. Given that so much of her work as an artist has focused on bringing an intelligent critique to the boundaries between luxury (fashion) and art, it seems almost inevitable that Versace would want to work with Sarah.

The project saw Sarah working directly with Donatella Versace and her daughter Allegra, who was a stylist on the project.

The Versace Holiday Saga 2019 campaign gave Sarah Baker and Baroness a broad remit to revisit the traditional “Christmas campaign” that took the form to new heights. 

The campaign featured bite-sized “episodes” featured on Versace’s channels over a number of weeks. These starred Danish supermodel Helena Christensen as the (anti-)heroine of Sarah’s typically open-ended and enigmatic narratives as well as a range of other fictitious characters, including a music moguless, Angelina, played by Sarah herself. 

Simultaneously referencing and repositioning supermodel stories of the 1980s, Sarah Baker wove a seductive plot that reminds us why everyone religiously watched Dallas and Dynasty with such devotion. In addition to the video campaign, Baroness and Sarah Baker produced a beautiful artist’s coffee table book that lucky Versace VIPs and friends received as an impressive stocking filler over the festive season.

The book is also available to buy directly from Baroness or through their stockists. 

The campaign celebrated its UK launch on 5 December 2019 with a special private event at Versace’s Knightsbridge flagship store where Sarah Baker, styled by Versace, signed copies of the book.

The positive reception by the international top-tier press covering the project has included French Vogue, I-D Magazine, Vogue Italia, Interview Magazine, WWD, Perfume Society and AnOther Magazine, among many others. 


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