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The Perfume Guy Embraces Loudo

sarah baker perfumes 'loudo' by perfumer chris maurice, The Perfume Guy reviews 'loudo'

Fragrance reviewer Sebastian Jara was one of the first respected perfume experts to try out Loudo, our latest extrait de parfum. Sarah took it to him personally when she was in San Francisco earlier this year and spent a delightful afternoon hearing his initial thoughts.

We’re thrilled that his full review of the juice, recently published on his hugely popular The Perfume Guy YouTube channel, shows no signs of loving Chris Maurice’s latest juice for our house any less.

“Such a great release. I think this is going to be such a big hit for Sarah Baker Perfumes. Again, My favourite from the collection.”

Do you detect the gourmand notes in this fantastic woody oud that we launched earlier this year? Sebastian certainly does. We’re not wading into that debate: we’ll let you make up your own minds.

“You definitely have a stand-out note of cypriol that contrasts beautifully with that white chocolate that is in the heart. You start experiencing the creaminess, not necessarily milky, but more like thick cream chocolate...”

But, now we’re on the topic, do you like animalic or prefer fresher notes? All the more reason to check out Sebastian’s video is because he goes into specific detail about the differences between the notes in this new extrait Loudo and Chris Maurice’s earlier “fresh oud” for our “cologne-inspired” S.BAKER Collection, Symmetry.

“...Suyufi agarwood is fairly new to me, in fact, I haven’t seen it come up before. Also, I wanted to say, the Suyufi agarwood and also the Laotian oud: there’s so much of it, you do experience the animalic qualities of it up top.” - Sebastian on Loudo.

We knew Loudo was a bit of a beast the minute we first smelled it. So it’s great to see a vaunted expert concurring. A big thanks once again, Sebastian, for supporting our house and your detailed insights. We’re sure your overview will help guide our supporters find the right oud-based creation by Chris for their personal tastes.

sarah baker perfumes 'loudo' by perfumer chris maurice


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