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The Italian Connection: Roberto e dintorni on Atlante and other Sarah Bakers

sarah baker perfumes 'atlante' by perfumer sarah mccartney roberto e dintorni

The charming Roberto has built up quite a following in his native Italy. Despite a moniker, Roberto e dintorni, that is a literary pun that might suggest Roberto is a little shy, his confident screen presence and strong opinions in his Youtube fragrance reviews have garnered a loyal following of discerning Italian fragrance fans.

We’re certainly not complaining. In fact, we think that Roberto’s kind words about Atlante are one of the reasons that it’s a hit with our Italian customers. Reassuring his audience that Atlante is the perfect riposte for fragrance enthusiasts who, like Roberto, are rather jaded and disinterested in the overused tricks in the aquatic fragrance trope, there’s no doubt that he has won over some sceptical Italian fragrance lovers to be open to try something oceanic without the clichés. Watch his Italian review about Atlante here.

"House of Sarah Baker is one of my best discoveries of this year. "Atlante" by nose Sarah McCartney for Sarah Baker is superlative and magnificent, literally the best oceanic fragrance I have smelled in my life. The entire line has super original and long-lasting fragrances ❤ check them out. The little "flame & fortune"...😍"

Roberto is also pretty impressed with Flame & Fortune. See what he has to say here.

And he loves Miguel Matos' creation Jungle Jezebel. Check out Roberto's review of JJ here.

Grazie per le tue gentili parole, Roberto!


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