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The Blurry Note Saddle Up Bascule

sarah baker perfumes 'bascule' by perfumer ashley eden kessler, feelings from a blurry note

Where do you start when it comes to Daniel and Maruša? They’re the couple behind the stylish fragrance blog, Feelings From a Blurry Note and there’s no doubt that they most certainly are a very creative duo. But their story is just as fascinating and, dare we say, romantic, as the beautiful images and thoughtful musings about fragrance they present on their site. When Chilean-born filmmaker and photographer Daniel found himself in a critical condition in a Slovenian hospital, Maruša was the surgeon who came to the rescue.

"Like something out of a novel, the couple eventually married"

Daniel safely recovered and he and Maruša stayed in touch, exploring feelings under less critical circumstances. Like something out of a novel, the couple eventually married and, when they’re not whipping up creative articulating their shared love of fragrance, they’re taking motorcycle rides along the Croatian coast, bodyboarding big swells in Portugal or enjoying the natural beauty of Slovenia, where they live and work.

We were absolutely delighted and flattered when they turned their attention to Bascule, the equestrian-inspired eau de parfum created by nose Ashley Eden Kessler for our S.BAKER Collection for the Perfume Stories section of their website. ,

The feature includes an article with beautiful original photography and video that you can see here.

Daniel and Maruša also took the opportunity to make a podcast of the intrepid duo in conversation with Sarah as part of their The Blurry Note podcast collection.

We really appreciate these fantastic features. Well urge you to take a look at their perfume story about the house of Sarah Baker and Bascule more specifically. And be sure to check out the podcast.'You’ll find it here.

Thank you so much, Daniel and Maruša.


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