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The Art + Olfaction Awards spotlights Gold Spot

sarah baker perfumes 'gold spot' by perfumer Chris Maurice awarded honorable mention, art and olfaction awards 2023, photo: thescentiest

The Art + Olfaction Awards 2023 finalists were announced last week and we're excited to announce that Gold Spot received an Honorable Mention!

The Art and Olfaction Awards have launched a new initiative this year that's designed to highlight the perfumes that, while they didn't make the finals, scored nevertheless very well. The annual Art and Olfaction Awards are extremely competitive and the only awards where perfumes are blindly judged by two tiers of panels, in a rigorous process that takes each judge over 6 weeks to compete. We're thrilled that Gold Spot passed such rigorous scrutiny!

Gold Spot is the third in the trilogy of ouds created in a unique signature style for the house by nose Chris Maurice. Congratulations, Chris!

Also recognized in the awards were Andreas Wilhelm— nominated for two awards—the nose behind our Charade, and Miguel Matos, who created Jungle Jezebel. A huge congratulations to all of you!

Meanwhile, we are flooded with warm memories of this time in 2019, when our beloved bestseller Atlante by nose Sarah McCartney was nominated as a finalist for the 2019 Art + Olfaction Awards

We are truly blessed to be working with such creative and talented noses for the house. To also be recognized by these important perfume awards definitely calls for a celebration.


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