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Stephan Matthews reviews Gold Spot

Sarah baker perfumes 'gold spot' by perfumer chris maurice, Stephan matthews reviews 'Gold Spot'

Be sure to check out Stephan Matthews' recent review of our latest release Gold Spot extrait de parfum on his eponymous fragrance blog here.

“(Gold Spot) is intended as an homage to Hollywood glamour but, in my mind, it takes you to the dangerously addictive world of adultery.”

We’re surprised—but certainly not unhappy—to see that Stephan has picked up on the more carnal aspects of our latest extrait. We always wanted it to be sexy, but it seems it’s even a little more tempting than that.

“Gold Spot hints at what life could be like if you took an adulterous plunge.”

Stefan has had many kind things to say about our fragrances over the last few years. Once again, thank you, Stephan.


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