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Sarah's Valentine Fragrances for Algarve Lifestyle Magazine

sarah baker perfumes valentine fragrances for 'algrave lifestyle magazine' in their 'The Magnificent Valentine's 7' featuring 'far from madding crowd' by perfumer Miguel Matos

Sarah was recently asked to select her fragrance recommendations for Valentine's Day as a guest contributor for Algarve Lifestyle Magazine.

"Maya’s creation of bergamot, neroli, fig, green woods and magnolia and musk, both with a citrus lilt, offers a carefully measured balance between romance and cool." - Sarah Baker on Maya Njie's 'Les Fleurs'

In the resulting article, 'The Magnificent Valentine's 7', Sarah's selection includes fragrances by Gallivant, Francesca Bianchi, Imaginary Authors, Laboratorio Olfattivo, Maya Njie and L'État libre d'Orange. Naturally, the house's own Far from the Madding Crowd by nose Miguel Matos could not be ignored. Named for Thomas Hardy's 19th-century sweeping tale of love, it quite literally offers a fresh take on romance.

To read what Sarah had to say about the selected fragrances, you can read the article in Algarve Lifestyle magazine in print locally in Portugal or online here.


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