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SARAH BAKER at Taigrance in Taipei

sarah baker perfumes taigrance in taipei, taiwan by chris notre 'sarah baker collection' 2023

Chris Notre @chrisnotre is a Taiwanese perfume reviewer and, now, retailer. I had a great time with Chris in Taiwan almost exactly four years ago when he invited me to present the house’s fragrances to a group of perfume enthusiasts, or perfume "fans", in one of the regular events he organizes for his social media followers.

sarah baker perfumes, sarah baker and chris notre at taigrance store in taipei, taiwan 2023

I was delighted when Chris asked me to take part in a similar fan event when he learned that I would be visiting Taiwan to spend time with family again this year. Even better: this time the event took place at his new bricks-’n-mortar niche fragrance store in Tapei called Taigrance, and we're delighted that the SARAH BAKER collection is now stocked in Taiwan. So if you are in Taiwan, please do contact Taigrance to purchase our fragrances or stop by the store to have a sniff!

sarah baker perfumes, chris notre, evelyn, chinese translator, 'loudo' 2023

The event was a lovely evening spent with perfume fans, discussing the house’s fragrances, which was all translated into Chinese for the attendees by Evelyn, in a discussion led by Chris. It was also great to see how Chris’ loyal following of his online fragrance reviews are eager to support his new endeavor. For example, some attending were particularly interested in Loudo because of Chris’ review of this oud extrait de parfum. I really enjoyed meeting the new perfume fans, and signing boxes and catalogs.

sarah baker perfumes, taigrance, taipei, taiwan, 'loudo' by perfumer chris maurice 2023

I met very kind and enthusiastic people and felt thoroughly welcomed. Thank you, Chris, for such a great opportunity!

Even while I’m busy preparing to head on to Japan the morning after the event, I’m already looking forward to seeing Chris again next year and returning to Taigrance once again.

sarah baker perfumes, taigrance, taipei, taiwan, chris notre, perfume fans


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