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Sarah Baker Perfumes Arrive in Chile

Barrio Lastarria, Santiago, Chile

We’re delighted to announce that Sarah Baker Perfumes and the S.Baker Collection are now available in Chile at Cruz & Valencia.

While this independent perfumery ships fragrances throughout Chile, anyone who happens to be in Santiago should be sure to drop by their store in the Galeria Lastarria, a chic boutique gallery incorporating the contemporary and the French neoclassical facades of three 1920s townhouses typical of this area of Santiago.

Cruz y Valencia Galeria Lastarria Santiago Chile

Located in a historic neighbourhood renowned for its elegant historic architecture and great restaurants, close to the Museum of Fine Arts, we’re thrilled that those in Santiago can find one of our fragrances to delight their noses in between feasting their eyes and palates.

Thank you, Cruz & Valencia for welcoming us to Chile.


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