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Sarah Baker in BeautyMatter Esxence Report by Sarah Colton

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Sarah Baker is featured in a recent article, Top Takeaways from Esxence 2023 in BeautyMatter, one of the industry's most influential voices covering beauty for insiders, written by Sarah Colton, author of Bad Girls Perfume. Esxence is the world-leading industry trade fair of International artistic and niche perfumery held annually in Milan.

Check out the article, as there are clues of upcoming trends, talented perfumers on the rise, and ones to watch out for. Sarah Colton's report included Sarah Baker in a section called "Brands to Watch," and she also mentioned that she was very impressed with our sample sets, also including us the the "Creative Sample Sets" selection.

My favorites this year? Sarah Baker’s matchbox sets in several sizes, containing three to eight samples each, with a tiny full-color illustrated fold-out description notice tucked inside...
sarah baker, true north sample sets, atlante, tartan, G Clef perfume

We're so pleased that Sarah Colton featured Sarah Baker in her BeautyMatter Esxence Report!


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