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S.Baker: Yana's Favorite Perfume Collection Launch of 2020

We’re flattered that Yana Lysenko, the fragrance reviewer best known for her popular Tommelise Youtube channel, has selected our S.BAKER Collection as her favourite perfume collection launch of 2020 and made a video to mark the occasion.

In her recent video, Yana takes the viewer through the whole of the new collection, reviewing each of the five fragrances, offering knowledgeable insight as well as her personal responses to each. She rounds up by rating them in order of her personal preference.

Yana is one of those reviewers who many enthusiasts find helpful because they’re always clear about their own personal preferences for particular fragrance styles or even particular notes. This makes it a lot easier for those yet to smell the fragrances they review to have a better context when they’re learning about specific new fragrances. And, because of this aspect, we think that Yana’s overview of the S.BAKER Collection will give you a much clearer picture of each eau de parfum in this new collection if you haven’t already sampled them.

Here’s just some of what she had to say about the new collection fragrances.

“There was a very long process of bringing this fragrance to life and the end result is truly magnificent… very sexy leather and a prominent green note... I love it for everything but particularly for the ripe, juicy note of peach… horses running on green grass then suddenly stopping under a peach tree… animalic but extremely pretty and I can’t get enough of it. I really love that addictive part of it and also the freshness; the lightness and at the same time the power… Probably one of the prettiest fragrances I’ve experienced in my life… Every time I wear it people ask me what I’m wearing.”

“Another one that I love is Flame & Fortune… It smells like white flowers on fire. I’m not kidding...It has this smoky floral seed to it… It smells a bit like fuel and beautiful white flowers. There is also a spicy touch and dried fruits that you can smell in there. If you like dramatic perfumes that are over the top and very opulent, I highly recommend Flame & Fortune.”

“ has dirty sexiness to it… what makes it different from other oud perfumes is that it has a green, citrusy bubble around it and also a musky pillow. It’s a very fresh, green, light sort of oud that is really friendly. It’s a really friendly oud.. This is a safe blind buy because you can’t go wrong with it. You can wear it on any possible occasion, day and night; winter and summer… You have the feeling you are wearing one of the most expensive fragrances, but keep in mind that this is one of the most affordable fragrances out there... This is a pretty damn phenomenal, very expensive-smelling oud perfume. It should be in everyone’s collection.”

“...smells very light, happy and ethereal.... You’re having a picnic, with your lover, being very, very happy. It smells like being in love… the fragrance changes very quickly, which I like about it. It never stays the same; it has different twists. The juicy part of black currant really comes through… here they are rather powdery, so they have a fuzzy texture, like peach, for example, and that’s because of the heliotrope… you get the green part, and the juicy, citrusy part and the juicy tartness… (and) you get the powdery aftertaste that I’m really into...To make green perfume powdery is very unexpected… It’s quite mind-blowing; very enjoyable, a happy fragrance for men and women you can wear anywhere. Probably the lightest fragrance from the collection and also the safest blind buy… One of the best green perfumes that I’ve ever experienced that creates a very happy mood.”

“This is a very easygoing perfume… (created in a fougère style) what I really love about this one is that it smells extremely modern. Lavender in there, a main player, creates an herbaceous atmosphere, but it’s also quite salty and airy… There is this vanillic touch, but the salty air really dominates this composition and it’s something I think a lot of people will enjoy… It’s unisex, leaning masculine, and definitely created to be worn on casual, warm days...a relaxed day off by the ocean in California listening to jazz music drinking grapefruit cocktails. It’s a very carefree experience.”

To see more of what Yana has to say about the collection as a whole and each of the very different fragrances, you can view it below.

Incidentally, a few weeks ago, Yana ranked Charade from our extrait de parfum SARAH BAKER Collection as no.1 in her Top Twenty leather perfumes, which was high praise indeed.

Thank you Yana for your supportive words on the collection and our brand.


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