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S.Baker in Perfume Society's The Scented Letter Magazine

sarah baker perfumes in Perfume Society, the scented letter magazine

We’re fans of The Scented Letter, the print magazine of The Perfume Society. So, naturally we were thrilled to see three (of the five) spanking new S.BAKER Collection fragrances appearing in issue 44, the Autumn 2020 issue.

In her thoughtful article ‘Don’t Stand So Close To Me’, Senior Writer Suzy Nightingale “peels back the mask to explore personal space and post-pandemic perfumes”. We were overjoyed to see that Suzy selected Far From the Madding Crowd as one of eight fragrances on-trend in the evolving fragrance tastes and perfume consumer behaviours during COVID-19 and beyond.

sarah baker perfumes 'far from the madding crowd' by perfumer miguel matos

“ Evoking romantic picnics in wildflower meadows; tender fruits frolic with myrtle and fresh eucalyptus”

Elsewhere in the issue, both Bascule and Flame & Fortune were featured in First Whiffs, the section that turns its attention to new releases.

sarah baker perfumes 'bascule' by perfumer ashley eden kessler
“ If ever a fragrance were going to lead you astray, this could be it. This is ruthless seduction executed in the most refined manner, as succulent peach juice drips onto hot leather and rich tobacco strokes warm hay. There’s enough cleanliness to render it fit for wear beyond the bedroom, but only just: lily of the valley and cut grass evoke the cleanliness of a bath, following a torrid tumble in the stables.”

sarah baker perfumes 'flame & fortune' by perfumer sarah baker

"A soft opening for such a strident name, a petitgrain piquancy sashays into the room with an air of insouciance and apricot lip gloss. But wait; there’s something sizzling, and soon a ginger-spiked tuberose begins to bloom, a hip-swinging confidence that grows exponentially and feels subtly sinister in the best of ways. Amber flames lick the insatiably smouldering mezcal base with hints of sweetly burned rubber. The getaway car after a bank heist, perhaps?”

We really appreciate such positive responses from such a respected title, especially during these challenging times. And we hope you do too: you don’t just have to take our word for it when we tell you they’re very special fragrances.

Suzy Nightingale also made a fantastic video review of Bascule on her own fragrantmaven Instagram channel. Look here to learn more.


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