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ÇaFleureBon Reviews Rules of Attraction

sarah baker perfumes cafleurebon review of 'rules of attraction' by perfumer miguel matos


Sometimes a fragrance review takes our breath away here at the House of Sarah Baker. We are absolutely swooning over Lauryn Beer’s sizzling take on our very own Rules of Attraction by Miguel Matos—Sarah Baker Rules of Attraction Review (Miguel Matos) + Les Liaisons Dangereuses Draw.

"Rules of Attraction throws wide the doors on the Hall of Mirrors with a thousand brilliant aldehydes swathed across a gardenia the size of a rococo wig. After that brazen opening, you might expect the composition to brazen its way through its buxom white florals. But, unexpectedly, more subdued company enters. Silvery iris, powdered and silken, steps forward. The tempo of the dance slows as the iris gathers its skirts and weaves in and amongst the gardenia and aldehydes, reminding them of their manners. But not for long."

We LOVE the Versailles and rococo imagery Lauren congers throughout this review, enhanced by incredible images from literature and pop culture—featuring Lolita, Dangerous Liaisons, Beyoncé, and my artwork, Sarah Baker Cakes, that I made in 2008 inspired by Sophia Coppola's Marie Antionette.

With its smoldering florals and unabashed animalism, Rules of Attraction minuets between jaded hedonism; girlish, Lolita sexuality; and rock star sex goddess in a perfume version of Liaisons Dangereuses rewritten by Nabokov and turned into a film by Guy Ritchie.

My goodness, we even loved the comments! Thank you, dear readers.

Of course, we owe a debt of gratitude to perfumer Miguel Matos for creating this seductive smoke show.

I could requote the entire piece, or you could just “slink over” (to quote ÇaFleureBon’s great Insta post) to ÇaFleureBon and enjoy it in situ.

Thank you, Lauryn!

XO Sarah


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