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Loudo on The Perfume Guy's 21 of '21

sarah baker perfumes 'loudo' by perfumer chris maurice The Perfume Guy's 21 of '21 Sebastian Jara

A Happy New Year from Sebastian Jara to everyone. The San Francisco-based, fragrance expert, writer and reviewer who has a large loyal following for his video reviews on his The Perfume Guy YouTube channel signalled an exciting arrival of 2022 with his New Year’s Day release of his favourite fragrances from 2021, his '21 from'21' video.

Sebastian has been a true supporter of the house since the earliest days and we truly appreciate his ongoing support of Sarah Baker Perfumes. We’re humbled and flattered that our latest extrait de parfum Loudo made it onto his list of the 21 fragrances that shaped his olfactory highlights of 2021, least of all because our juice is in such stellar company.

“Loudo, one of my favourite fragrances from 2021… instantly I loved it because I like the whole gourmand-oud thing and this one does a really great job with that…”

To see what Sebastian has to say about Loudo—and all those other spectacular releases of 2021—just click “play” below.

Once again, thank you, Sebastian for your kind words about Loudo. We truly know that you totally “get” what we are trying to achieve as an independent perfume brand.


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