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Loudo on Sebastian's Top 12 Gourmand Ouds List

sarah baker perfumes 'loudo' by perfumer chris maurice on Sebastian Jara's top 12 gourmand ouds list, the perfume guy

Sebastian Jara, the San Francisco-based, fragrance expert, writer and raconteur who releases his video reviews on his very popular The Perfume Guy YouTube channel has recently released his Top 12 Gourmand Oud Fragrances video.

And, we are very happy indeed to be on that list with Loudo, our latest extrait de parfum, side-by-side with some very impressive juices by vaunted houses.

“ White chocolate and animalic oud: you would really think they would not mix together, but they really, really do.”

So, how did we do? Why not just click on the video to find out. And, of course, we want to extend a very big thanks to Sebastian for including us on the list alongside such prestigious brands.


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