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Loudo is in the ScentClub picked by Sebastian Jara

sarah baker perfumes, 'loudo' by perfumer chris maurice, is in the ScentClub picked by Sebastian Jara, The Perfume Guy

Sebastian Jara is a familiar figure on the international perfume scene. Based in San Francisco, Sebastian is a fragrance connoisseur, writer and reviewer best known for his The Perfume Guy YouTube channel that reaches a large and loyal following around the world.

Hot off the press! Sebastian has just launched ScentClub. And we’re really honoured that he has selected our extrait de parfum Loudo to be in the very first curated selection of three fragrances put out by ScentClub.

Sebastian describes ScentClub as, “... a fragrance exploration service, similar to a wine club and is designed to change your world of fragrance forever, by exposing you to new scents you don't know about or heard about but had a difficult time sampling. And they are also all approved by me as I love the fragrances I will be featuring in my ScentClub Kits.”

This latter aspect is very important to us; that Sebastian is only including fragrances that he personally loves and stands behind and that ScentClub is not a traditional subscription service that profiles fragrances on a commercial collaboration basis.

sarah baker perfumes, scentclub selected in first curated selection of three fragrances put out by Scentclub, 'loudo' by perfumer chris maurice

“This is absolutely a delight to wear. It's that kind of a fusion of this dirty, animalic experience with the kinda creamy white chocolate… it's a great scent” - Sebastian on Loudo.

ScentClub is initially launching in the USA and will release a new selection of three 5ml fragrances in a funky compact box every two months

Congratulations Sebastian on your great new venture and thank you so much for thinking of us.

To learn what ScentClub is all about, check out the video below.


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