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Loudo in The Plum Girl Best New Perfumes of 2021

sarah baker perfumes 'loudo' by perfumer chris maurice The Plum Girl best new perfumes of 2021

Elena Cvjetkovic is an award-winning fragrance writer and reviewer who is perhaps best known to many fragrance enthusiasts under the moniker of her fragrance blog The Plum Girl where she publishes reviews, interviews and other musings on the world of perfume.

We’re thrilled that Elena has selected Loudo for one of The Plum Girl Mirabelle Plum Awards in the Best New Perfumes of 2021 category.

“ It’s a delicious oud, never overwhelming. I like how it performs in the cold weather, oud-y-woody smooth, with just a touch of smoke, and a sprinkle of berries, so flowing and playful.”

To see what Elena has to say about her top 20 new fragrances of 2021, please take a look here.

Thank you so much, Elena, for thinking of us and your kind words. We’re also delighted to be selected alongside such great fragrances in your selection.


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