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Loudo featured in Perfume Society's Scented Letter magazine

Our Loudo featured in Perfume Society's Scented Letter Magazine Summer issue in an article titled Gelat-eaux! written by Suzy Nightingale.

The gourmand family is suddenly cool again, with lashings of ice-cream-inspired scents featuring on the fragrance launch menu. SUZY NIGHTINGALE gives the scoop on how wear them – without smelling like Mr. Whippy

sarah baker perfume society, scented letter, loudo, gelat-eaux suzy nightingale

The article features several perfumes that have a gourmand twist and remind us of our summer's favorite treat: ice cream. The article features Loudo alongside D.S. & Durga's Pistachio, BDK's Rouge Smoking, Parfums de Marley's Orian, Kayali's Yum Pistachio Gelato 33, Akro Dark, and Mugler's Angel Elixir, to name a few.

With Loudo under Cherry “Playfully childlike at first, it dries down to something seriously grownup. Black cherry stains orange blossoms, white chocolate enrobes rampant amber woods”. Written by Suzy Nightengale


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